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Jad Choueiry

Jad shwery is a Lebanese artist. He was born on March 16th, 1980. At a very young age, he showed an interest and devotion for music. Indeed, he used to sing Madonna’s and Michael Jackson’s songs, even before succeeding in speaking properly. As a teenager, he formed a musical group, ‘L’athenne de Beyrouth’, in his school. He also used to perform on special occasions and in private parties.
After obtaining a French baccalaureate, Jad started studies in "L’Ecole de Realization Audiovisuelle", ALBA, in Beirut. He was a brilliant student and he always obtained the highest grades of the college. After that, he moved to Paris, where he studied in the prestigious French college ‘La Sorbonne’ for 3 years. He specialized in Cinema Studies and Show Arts.
In 2002, he took part in the famous Lebanese TV show ‘Studio El Fann’. He won the first prize in the directing category for the music video ‘Ya Mustapha’, by Reeda Butros, he directed.
But Jad always dreamt of singing. He started working on his first song ‘A’ollak Eh’ despite the strong opposition of his parents. In 2004, he released the song after shooting a video clip for it. The song was a successful club hit and topped the charts of many Arab countries. Jad’s success drew many criticisms because of the new style he introduced to the artistic scene.
Nevertheless, he was asked to direct some music videos. He, more importantly, obtained a record deal with Melody music. Soon, he released a follow-up single ‘Oully Ezay’, which was successful too. Jad started performing in many Arab countries.
In 2006, Jad released his first album ‘EL Mouftah’. The album gathered all the previous singles and included a very successful hit ‘Banadeelak’. ‘Warrini’, another single, was even more successful and became one of the biggest hits of 2006, in many Middle Eastern countries.
Throughout his short career, Jad directed more than 40 clips,. He was behind the success of many young artists. He is considered as a controversial artist as he is the first Arab male artist to dance or to kiss a girl in an Arabic video clip.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/20/2013 We Dont Care 2 41
10/27/2013 We Don't Care 9 32
3/22/2015 Agaza 11 72
1/21/2018 Barra 6 78
12/22/2019 Mesh Ay Kalam 1 84

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