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Melhem Zein

Melhem Zein,was born in Beqaa in a town called “Shmastar”. He was raised in a family consisting of two great parents, and 8 children including him.
As a child, Melhem participated in a Song Festival, held in all schools of Lebanon. He got first place for the Beqaa Province, and was ranked fourth in Lebanon. Noticing his great voice and talent, his father, Hussein Zein, sent him to study the Oriental Music at the Lebanese Conservatoire.
At a later stage, Melhem Zein decided to participate in “Kaa’s Al Nojoum”, a talent show on LBCI. He was running for the Tarab Category and he sang oldies for the great singers of the Arab World. Not satisfied with what he earned from his first trial, he decided to run for “Superstar One” on Future TV in 2003.
Melhem came third in the Competition which caused a huge outbreak between his fans and followers who believed that Melhem was supposed to finish at the top spot. His name appeared on the covers and first pages of Lebanese and Arab magazines and was he was hosted on several Radio and TV shows.
Melhem also appeared on CNN, CBS and BBC news. He became the talk of town. Out of appreciation for his great talent, his great voice and for his great performance of the song “Endak Bahriya”, the fans gave him the title of “Al Rayess”, thus turning him into a star.
His first album “Enti Msheeti” saw the light in 2004. “Enti Msheeti” was the title of his hit song and the album found huge success as it consisted of several hot songs that quickly strengthened Melhem’s position among the up and coming talents with his debut album.
In 2006 Melhem Zein launched his second Album carrying the title of his hit song “Baddi Hebbek”, consisting of 9 songs most of which were in the Lebanese accent. In 2007 Melhem produced the hit single titled “Mamnonak Ana”. The song reached the top of many of the Arab World’s Charts.
Melhem joined Rotana, in the beginning of 2008. He then started working on his third album and the first produced by Rotana. The year 2008 was a very lucky one for Melhem Zein. In addition to him signing with Rotana, he got engaged on March 6, 2008 to Yemenite Tamani Ali Salim Al Bead, the daughter of Ex-president of Yemen.
The engagement was held in Oman, at Tamani’s father’s manor and the couple got married on June 26, 2008. His wedding took place in Biel Hall, Beirut. In September 2008, Melhem Zein released his first single “Alawwah” from his up and coming third album, that holds the same title.
Shooting the video clip under the talented director Fady Haddad, the hit single “Alawwah” was an instant success and captured the attention of all ages. The success of the album was then continued with the success of the second song filmed from the album “Ghibi Ya Chams”.
Melhem Zein’s success during was accompanied by an exceptional performance at Carthage International Festival 2009. The first half of 2010 brought with it success to both, his professional and personal life, with Melhem’s first born son, Ali, as well as the release of the emotional hit song “Kan Sadiki”.
During 2011, Melhem Zein ventured into new music styles releasing the single “Taaj Raasi” and the Iraqi-Style hit “Kabadbad”. Melhem is currently working on his new album produced by Rotana and is hoping to release it during the summer of 2012.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
6/17/2012 Enti Li Khserti 20 15
11/2/2014 Waja3 El Rou7 14 65
9/27/2015 3indak Hiwayi 11 67
10/11/2015 Lamma El 7aki (Chi Yom Ra7 Fell 1 84
6/26/2016 Jarimet Chaghaf 14 57
11/27/2016 Ahla Mara 9 68
8/27/2017 Dalle D7ake 3 79
7/7/2019 Men Medde 3 80
2/16/2020 Do3f Nazar 17 53
8/8/2022 Rfi2it Albi 8 74

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