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Aline Khalaf

Aline Khalaf is a Lebanese artist. She was born on April 12th, 1974. She rose to fame following her participation in the TV show for amateur talents ‘Layali Lebnan’. Indeed, she won the Golden Medal. After this experience, Aline started to sing in large and luxurious restaurants with other stars.

Later on, she signed a record deal with Relax-in-Company Production Company. In 1996, she produced her first album ‘Khayfah Minnak’. Less than one year later, she released a second album ‘Bsat El Rih’. The two albums were very successful. In 1998, Aline released another album ‘Ya Zein’. The album was a great success ,too and it confirmed Aline’s status as a great singer.

In 1999, Aline released a fourth album ‘Wayed Wayed’. It extended her fame behind Lebanon’s borders to reach the Arab World. One year later her fifth album ‘La Le Leih’ followed. A video clip was also shot.

In 2001, Aline released ‘Aze Alaya’. One year later, she released ‘Law Aandak Kalam’, followed by ‘Aloulak Eh’ in 2003.

Her last album ‘Sodfa’ was released in 2005. In 2006, during the war which hit Lebanon, Aline produced a song entitled ‘Al Watan’. She also shot a video clip directed by Fadi Haddad for this song. The same year, Aline released several singles such as ‘Al Asfour’, ‘Mish a’la Elmi Sahran’.

In 2007 and 2008, she released two other singles ‘Ba’adak Al Bal’ and ‘Farhit Aynaye’. Recently, Aline has released a very successful song ‘Shayfo’.

Date Title Peak Position # of plays
5/26/2013 Ma Kalla W Dal 3 43
1/5/2014 Ma Kal Wa Dal 20 191

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