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Assi El Hellani

Mohamed Mezian El Hellani as Known as Assi El Hellani is a Lebanese artist born on November 28,1970.

He is nick-named after the icon Assi Rahabani. At an early age, Assi’s musical talent became evident through his performance of Lebanese songs with his friends and family. In 1988, he was just 17 years old when he appeared in the famous TV Show ‘Studio alfan’, and won the silver award for singing the folklore style.

Assi studied music for five years from 1985 to 1990 at the Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon. He specialized in the ‘Oud’ playing and Arab vocal techniques. Assi’s first recorded album was ‘Bytekk Etter’, composed by the great Samir Safir who also produced his second album ’Mahlenna sawa sawa’. His third album ‘Ya Hala Belkhir’ was Assi’s own work.

Assi has 19 albums, ten video clips, and many patriotic songs, anthems such as ‘Ommi’ and ‘Kheyl alarab’. Assi participated in many festivals such as Baalbeck International Festival, Jerash Festival, the Carthage Festival, and a number of concerts around Europe, the Arab world and America. He won many important awards such as the Golden Oscar in the Cairo TV -Radio festival for his song ‘Mali Sabber’.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
3/18/2012 Ya Tayr 11 22
5/20/2012 Natalie 1 33
1/27/2013 Mousiba 15 19
4/21/2013 Mili Be3baki 8 27
4/12/2015 Lakhwalik 18 55
6/28/2015 Ramz Lebnan 11 66
12/6/2015 Oumi R2ossili 3 82
8/21/2016 A7eb El Leil 1 85
5/7/2017 Habib Al Alb 1 83
5/27/2018 Hob Jnoun 3 82
11/25/2018 Shou Bkhaf 5 75
6/23/2019 D7ake 12 64
7/11/2022 Dahket Habibi 2 82
10/17/2022 40 50 2 84
1/25/2023 Na7na Allah Ma3na 1 83
1/30/2023 Na7n Allah Ma3na 9 70
5/6/2023 Taaref Sheno Ahebak 1 83

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