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Fares Karam

Fares karam is a popular Lebanese singer born in Jezzine (South Lebanon), in 1973. As was the case for many other Lebanese artists, Fares‘s career started when he participated in the famous TV show for talent spotting ‘Studio Al Fan’ (Arts’ Studio). Fares won the 1996-1997 edition, Gold medal for the popular art category.
Fares Karam is known for performing ‘Dabke’ style with a modern touch. His lyrics are provocative and daring, always raising harsh criticisms around him. Fares Karam mainly performs in famous Lebanese nightclubs, where customers enjoy dancing on the rhythms of ‘Dabke’ music.
Throughout his career, Fares released a number of albums such as ‘Shlon’ in 1998, ‘Janen’ in 2002, ‘Akter MenRouhi’ in 2003, ‘Dakhelo’ in 2004, and ‘Yo’Borni’ in 2007. His last album is entitled ‘Elhamdullah’ and was released in 2010. Fares also released several hit singles such as ‘Attanoura’, ‘Shefta’, and ‘Neswanji’. He also filmed controversial videos for some of his songs.
Fares Karam went on tours all over the world. He performed in the Middle East, Europe and the United States. He won several awards such as Sydney Cedars Club Award, in 1999; Lions International, in 2005; and The Arms of Alberta, in 2005.
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
10/23/2011 Lamchilik 7afi 1 51
7/8/2012 Yalli Byekzob 3ala Marto 1 60
4/21/2013 Daddy 4 29
4/28/2013 El 3asme 3 26
8/10/2014 Lawlak Ya Lebnan 1 85
7/3/2016 Bala 7obb w Bala Batikh 1 85
4/16/2017 Mnamnam 1 85
6/17/2018 x 1 85
6/24/2018 Badna Nwalle3a 1 85
7/29/2018 7obek Baram 3 83
4/11/2022 Aa Maw3edna Walla Shou 2 83
8/1/2022 Amarjee 3 82

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