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Nawal Al Zoghbi

Nawal Al Zoghbi is a Lebanese artist born on June 29, 1972, at 'Jabal lebnan'. She began singing at an early age, despite family opposition to the lifestyle of a musician. Later on, she was able to fulfill her artistic dreams thanks to her family strong support after they realized her serious quest for music and fame. Her career started in the eighties. She is mainly performing in Lebanese accent. Now, she has a huge base of fans throughout the Arabic world and also in Europe and North America.

Nawal Al Zoghbi started singing in the famous TV show “the studio of art” in 1988. She then married a Lebanese music manager called “Elie Eddeed” in 1990 and thus made a huge step towards being more promoted.

Despite her early appearance at “studio al fan”, Nawal Zoghbi was professionally recognized after releasing her album”wehyeti andak”in 1992. Her way to stardom began in 1996 after releasing her album “Habeit ya lil”. Other albums followed such as, ”Mandam alik” 1998, ”Maaloum”1 999, and “Ellayali” 2000.
Nawal is a successful artist, mother and businesswoman. As an artist she won multiple awards such as the best Lebanese singer and Arabic singer award in 2000, the best female singer in the Arabic music awards in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Nawal is also known for her support to the Palestinian cause. Indeed, she produced several songs supporting Palestine like: “Ya Quds”, ”Ya Ommati”, and “Hekayat Watan”. 
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
3/3/2013 Gharibi Hal Dinyi 1 48
6/9/2013 Ghazilni 7 30
9/6/2015 Ya Gada3 1 85
10/25/2015 3youni Lamma Bichoufouk 8 76
9/18/2016 3am Be7ki ma3 7ali 1 84
2/26/2017 Tewalla3 1 83
6/18/2017 El Nas El 3ouzzaz 15 62
7/30/2017 B7ebbo Kteer 4 79
12/3/2017 Bel Alb 1 85
4/29/2018 Alou 1 84
3/10/2019 Keda Bye 2 84
3/1/2020 El Awiyyi 12 69
2/21/2021 3a2li We2ef 8 75
8/16/2021 Or2os 17 58
8/22/2022 Hafla 15 63
6/14/2023 Rayto 9 70
2/23/2024 Bahki Annak 13 59

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