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Rabih Gemayel

Rabih El Gemayel is a rising star in the middle east.

His brilliant participation in the TV program "Rotana Académie" gives him the opportunity to sign a contract of two song with the major "Rotana music": "Elly Keef" and "Mahma Ya Albi". "Inti Bithebini" is his first success song.

He released a cover of "Ahlek Ma Bden Yani", originally interpreted by Joseph Nemnam. It's a hit as well. Rabih works with great artists such as Tony Hana who asked him to sing a cover of his famous song "Dakhlak We Lhawa Byan Ya Bayan". He released many songs including: "Yalla Tnam", "Amar Sinaii" and "Mahma Ya Albi"
Date Title Peak Position # of plays
12/2/2012 Yalla Tnam 4 28
8/25/2013 3assabt 3layha 4 37
4/20/2014 Sadmet 3omri 7 29
3/15/2015 Ajmal Ghamra 1 83
3/13/2016 Wele3 Albi 1 84
12/11/2016 Men Jdid 1 83
10/8/2017 Fawq El Aadi 1 85
8/12/2018 Ajmal Hkayeh 2 84
8/25/2019 3atban 3 84
11/24/2019 Kel El Omor 4 80

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